Equine Osteopathy

What is Equine Osteopathy?

Equine Osteopathy is a method of evaluation and treatment of the equine musculo-skeletal system. Dysfunction in the musculo-skeletal system occurs through injury, stress and even disease. Osteopathy uses gentle soft tissue and articulatory techniques to correct imbalances and relieve restrictions in the musculo-skeletal system, thereby alleviating pain and enabling the body to restore itself to normal function. Treatment is not painful and does not involve the administration of drugs – in fact horses usually find it relaxing!

Why is Osteopathy Important for Horses?

Pain and discomfort caused by dysfunction of the musculo-skeletal system may be the underlying cause of the following problems experienced by owners:

  • Resistance
  • Lack of impulsion
  • Reluctance to jump
  • Rearing and bucking
  • Cold-backed
  • Head shy
  • Behavioural changes
  • General stiffness
  • Difficulty working in an outline or bending

Early treatment can prevent problems from escalating and so reduce the overall discomfort experienced by the animal.

Wherever possible, our aim is to prevent any problems from reoccurring. As such, we aim to identify and correct any factors that may be causing imbalance and dysfunction of the musculo-skeletal system. As part of our management programme, we will therefore advise on appropriate stretches and exercises – both from the ground and ridden – and whether the horse should be seen by other professionals, such as the dentist, saddle fitter, blacksmith etc.